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Baby spiders take to the air

Baby spiders take to the air

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WE know pigs can’t really fly and that if it’s raining cats and dogs you’re just in line for a soggy afternoon, but, to the horror of many no doubt, did you know that it can actually rain spiders?

"What happens is that during a particular time of the year, particularly in May and August, young spiders in the Outback somewhere throw these threads of spiderwebs up in the air and use them as a parachute to detach themselves from the ground and move in large colonies through the sky," Mr Basterfield explained.

"They fly through the sky and then we see these falls of spider webs that look almost as if it’s snowing.

"We see these vast areas of baby spiders, all coming down at once in the late morning or early afternoon.

"You can know this has happened by either seeing it or spotting what looks like long threads of cotton telegraph poles, power lines and houses.

"It tends to happen a couple of times per year, usually on clear days with slight winds.

I was on the Bureau of Meteorology last week and watching the weather for Goulburn and the conditions were just right."

Mr Basterfield is hoping that anyone who witnessed the event, likely to have happened on Monday or Tuesday last week, to contact him.

Information provided will go toward updating his personal research, a catalogue of findings he has been collating since 2001.

"If anyone else saw it I would love to know where exactly they were when they saw it, how long it lasted for and what were the weather conditions at the time," he said.

If Facebook is any indication, Mr Basterfield might be receiving quite a few emails.

A post to the Goulburn Community Forum page by Ian Watson, shortly after 1pm on Monday, detailed the event.

"Anyone else experiencing this "Angel Hair" or maybe aka millions of spiders falling from the sky right now? I’m 10 minutes
facebook besthairbuy out of town and you can clearly see hundreds of little spiders floating along with their webs and my home is covered in them. Someone call a scientist!," Mr Watson wrote.

"If you look toward the sun there are millions of them and really high up here, like over 100m or more up, there is also a cotton like substance coming down that is kinda like spider web but not exactly"

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